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A complex of decorative materials for the implementation of the kitchen interior

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Decorative coatings

Manufacturing innovation - revolutionizing the interior

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SLOTEX today

What could be more important than trust in a relationship?

Consumer confidence is our main priority from the day the company was founded, December 13, 1990, and the main incentive for continuous improvement of the product range and technological processes. Slotex is undoubtedly the national leader in the production of HPL and CPL decorative laminate, as well as modern decorative materials for furniture.

Our advantages

Slotex Group of Companies - MULTIFUNCTIONAL PRODUCTION, consisting of 4 business units

The only Russian manufacturer in this industry whose products meet European quality standards

The first Russian company in the industry to enter the international market

The only Russian company that is a member of the International Committee for the Decorative Laminating Industry (ICDLI)

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